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JobShot Usage Policy

It's easy to get yourself banned from Jobshot.

Jobshot is intended to be a useful tool for Recruitment agencies and Companies who need to fill a vacancy. It serves job sites that we wish to be a happy experience for job seekers.

We wish to encourage good practice in recruitment and to that end we have done our research and will be very harsh with anybody who is in breach of the following policies since they are in direct contradiction of what job seekers want and of good recruitment practice.

Posting fake jobs / phantom jobs

Job Seekers don't like them, We don't like them. If you get caught you get banned.

Posting your ads to non-relevant sites

The whole point of niche job sites is to provide a better service to job seekers where they can find a job as easily as possible. It also helps with search engine ranking to have all content on the site concentrated on a single area.

If you post a financial job in an IT site it reduces the effectiveness of the advertising and annoys end users. If you post in the wrong sections you get banned.

Posting the same job more than once

You can post the same job to multiple sites, but posting the same job on jobshot more than once will get you in strife.

It is very confusing for job seekers when they are faced with the same job worded slightly differently 20 times. Since many recruitment agencies will have the same jobs on offer there will inevitably be job duplication. Furthering this by posting your job more than once will get you banned.

Being misleading in any way

This includes trying to set yourself up as a company if you are an agency, trying to create multiple accounts for one person or supplying incorrect details on registration.

What else can't I do?

This list is not exhaustive. We will add any further issues that arise to this list but just because it is not on the list does not mean we will view something favourably. We know you are an inventive lot so here is a rule of thumb for you. If what you are about to do feels like it might be sneaky or chancing your arm then you will probably be penalised for it.

I've been banned. I'm really sorry. How can I get reinstated?

It's gonna cost ya!

Reinstatement will be completely at our discretion and depend on the offence committed. We will also charge an administration fee. This fee is to discourage bad practice, compensate us for the annoyance, and payment for the extra work involved in dealing with miscreants.

Fees will range from €50 to €250