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Job Posting to Multiple Job sites

What is Jobshot?

Jobshot is a free service that links you to other free services. It allows you to post jobs to the job board MyNextJob.ie and to a series of niche job boards.

Why should I post to niche job sites?

Niche job sites serve several purposes. They are highly targeted sites which appeal to job seekers because they contain only relevant jobs to the areas they work in. They also appeal to search engines because it is much easier to optimise a site that has a specific subject matter. Taking a look at one of our micro-sites, NursingJobsIreland.ie you will notice that it targets only nurses. This is good for nurses seeking employment and also for search engine ranking. This in turn means that you have a better chance of your job advertisement being seen by the right people.

How is Jobshot different to other multiple posting services?

Unlike other multiple posting services Jobshot is free. This is good news in itself but it gets better. The fees for job slots on job sites are not inconsiderable. Jobshot lets you post to a fully fledged jobs board and industry specific micro-sites all of which are free.

So what's the catch?

Did we mention that it's free? If you don't like getting something for nothing then you may consider that a catch, but that's it. There are no hidden costs.

How can I spend my money with you?... it's burning a hole in my pocket

If you really really want to part with some cash there are a number of ways. You can invest in banner advertising or button advertising on most of the job sites. It still won't get rid of much cash for you though. Alternatively, for those of you desperate to show appreciation and get rid of some excess profit I have kindly provided a donations button right here!